10 Things I Want My Girls to Know

August 8, 2017

What I want my girls to know

I have been a mother for 3 beautiful years. We have two girls, and have experienced high times; the times when I look at their little faces and my heart melts with joy as they are so innocent in this hard world. We have also been through hard times, like when my oldest thought her poo was paint and spread it all over walls and carpet… on many many occasions. Time seems to go by faster and faster as they get older and I’m afraid that if I don’t get this out before they run off to college that I may never get that opportunity. I want my girls to know several things about life! Things about how we raised them, things about the world they will wander off in and how to be a good person. Here they are and by all means, this is not everything but I think it is a great start.

Number 1: We Tried

I want my girls to know that we tried! We try to give them unconditional love and happiness, even when they run around like little terrors. We try to give them by undivided attention even when we all know we can’t do that all the time! I try to be a fun parent, the mom that is funny and the one her kids love to hang out with. When they are older I want them to look back and know that we tried to give them the best of us, that we possibly could!

Number 2: We Are Sorry

I’m sorry for all the times I had to raise my voice to you. Hitting your sister is not kind but I am still sorry for putting you in timeout and for every time you cried. I wish I could take away all your tears, but remember tears are also what make us stronger. When you are older I want to know that we are sorry for the times we said you couldn’t do something, just know it’s because we want to keep you safe.

Number 3: We Put You First

You are always are first thoughts in the morning and last thoughts at night. We place your dreams before ours because we want to make you happy and see you smile. Our biggest goal is to give you everything you want in life, although sometimes we can’t, that was always a hard decision because again we always put you first.  As a parent we want what is best for you, always!

Number 4: There is Beauty in The World

At times the world may seem like a cold and dark place. These are those times we want you to stop and feel the sun on your face or notice the flowers that bloom around you. Look to the stars and know that this world is truly a beautiful place. It will bring you great joy in life to pause for a moment and appreciate the world that surrounds you.

number 5: Have a Relationship With God

Although I do not have a deep relationship with god. I want you to be raised with the knowledge that he exists and can do marvelous things for you. Trust in him and he will always guide you to the right course in life. Never forget to thank the lord for the great things he has given you!

Number 6: You Love Your Sister

I know that may be hard to believe. She has tried your patience, annoyed you and made you angry. But, you both share so much and have a blast being together! You brighten our lives and we love to see you laughing and smiling together! You are both our world! Never forget that she will always have your back and if you fall she will laugh put help you back up!

You will always love your sister

Number 7: Be Humble and Respectful

You will encounter racism, disagreements, rude and disrespectful people. But, remember, we did not raise you to act in unethical ways. Respect one another’s options, even when they are different from your own. Remember your manners and treat everyone the way you want to be even treated. Love everyone as they are just like you and finally be humble as those around may not have what you have.

Number 8: Know Who You Are

Know yourself, know your worth, values, morals and know that you are unique. You are strong, beautiful and kind. No one will ever take that away from you and never settle for being someone you are not.

Number 9: You Are Beautiful

The media surrounds us with images of  what they think we should look like. I want you to look in the mirror everyday and see a beautiful, strong and independent women looking back at you. There is nothing about you that I would ever change! Your smiles and eyes brighten my days, if they brighten mine then I know you do for everyone around you as well!

Number 10: We Love You

We are who we are today because of you! You brought us joy and hope when we both never thought you could happen. One of you filled our hearts so much that when we found we were having another, we didn’t know how we had enough space in our heart for her too… I guess the heart just gets bigger and love simply grows. You are our sun on a rainy day and the jelly to our peanut butter. You are our world, our life and we love you!

God Bless You Loves!

Do you have things you want your children to know? Have you thought about it? Looked at them while they slept and wanted to tell them how much you love them? Sometimes their childhood flies by too fast and the next thing you know they are headed off to college. I want my daughters to know things about me, things about my husband, I want them to know how much we gave to see them happy and to see them loved. Write your children a letter, let them know these things! Give it to them when they are older, I know they will appreciate how you took the time to write to them! We use journals like these, Hydrangeas Journal (Diary, Notebook). They are simple and nothing fancy, but its easy to jot things down quickly so you don’t forget sweet things your babies did! Great gift when they are older!

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