Morning Schedule For Busy Moms (Includes Alone Time Too)

August 1, 2017

Ever since we brought our first daughter home, 3 years ago, I made it an absolute priority to make sure I had time for myself. For moms or dads, creating time to focus on yourself and your thoughts is very beneficial, especially when you are busy raising little tiny humans to be contributing members of society! Gah, that stuff is hard!!! Anyways, I have always been a morning person. That means, I can go to bed at 2am and still wake up at 7am.

Sleeping in, I have no idea what in the world that is. My husband knows, he could sleep all day if we let him. Do I get jealous of that? Sure do! But even when he says you stay in bed and sleep, I will get up with the kids…I lay awake, playing with my phone, Pinterest to be exact!

I found that as time went on, creating a function morning schedule was a perfect way to get our day off to a kicking start. Of course, I know that everyone is different. People need to get up, get breakfast, get kids to school or daycare and then off to work. This morning schedule can even help you folks too, this is not just tailored to stay at home moms!


I know we will be changing our schedule here soon as my oldest starts preschool 5 day a week in September! My baby is going off to school, my husband will have to scrub my body off the hallway floor at the school for being an emotional train wreck! But, that’s totally expected right? They can get over it if not, I will be the hovering mom… the one the teacher is wording with her mouth to get the hell out! Yea, I am that one, I know it! Either way. I know that our schedule is changing so keep reading to see how I plan to tweak our morning schedule to get to school by 8am!

Anyways, back to the schedule! Here it is, and it has alone time… you’re welcome!

6am – 7am:

Don’t be frightened! Is this early… yes it is, but what you get here is sweet sweet ALONE time! My kids currently wake up at 8! That means I have two hours to myself! I start by getting up, and heading immediately to the coffee pot, then over to the TV for the news! I pour my coffee in my super sweet mug, check it out here! Its hilarious! I was breastfeeding when I bought it and it simply made me giggle! It’s UTTERly fabulous! ha!

This is also a great time for me to either just relax and watch news, or work on my masters program or blog! I love alone time! It’s so good for the soul!

7am – 7:30am:

This is when I workout! I find that starting the day with a nice workout, can really jumpstart your whole mood throughout the day. I know some people are like, “but, I am so tired in the morning, I have no energy to workout!”, well then I simply rebuttal with; working out actually gives you more energy and it makes you happy! I immediately think of Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon where she says that so and so couldn’t kill her husband, she workouts out and exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands! Ha, so funny!

Anyways, try and make time for yourself here! I use PIIT28! Check it out here: The Best Workout At Home For Women, Get Fast Results with PIIT28! I love it, I also love starting my morning with Yoga!

7:30am – 8am

I use this 30 minutes to get myself ready! This is all I get, and believe me I say, you feel so much better put together! I don’t cake on makeup or do some fancy stuff with my hair! I stick to a simple everyday makeup routine and right now I have been rocking the half bun or hun! I put an outfit on…yoga pants DO NOT COUNT! After this I feel completely rejuvenated and ready to get the kids out of bed!

8am – 8:30am

Time for my babies to wake up! I start with the oldest, I walk into her room, give hugs and kisses then she flies out of her room to start her day! This is the time when I open blinds, turn off noise makers and make the bed! After that, I head to baby girls room! I get her out of her crib, open blinds, turn off noise makers and re arrange her crib! Once I have completed our good morning ritual we proceed to food!

8:30am – 9am

Time for breakfast! I am a firm believer of having quick and easy breakfasts! Most of the times, the girls want pancakes. I make huge batches and freeze them, so all that is left is to put them in the microwave to heat up, serve with fruit and we are good!

9am – 9:30am

I get the girls ready for the day! First, we head to the bathroom for brushing teeth and to battle hair brushing! This is always a horrible nightmare! My oldest runs from me, so I am chasing her around the house with detangle (Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray, 8 oz) and a detangle brush (Detangling Brush – Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb or Brush – No More Tangle – Adults & Kids – Pink)! That child wakes up with a huge nest of hair on the back of her head and she screams when you brush it… even when your brush it oh so gently! I then let my oldest pick out her outfit, within reason of course and then I dress the baby! We are then ready!

9:30am – 10am

As the girls watch their shows or dance to music, I spend this half hour unloading the dishwasher and getting a load of laundry started! This is the half hour I really focus on straightening up the house! A half an hour! That is it, for reals! I promise, I can keep a clean house with two kids and it does not take much work at all! Want to know more or know how I do it? Click here to Defeat a Dirty House!


This is the end of our morning schedule! Around 10am is when we jump in the car and head out for the day! We can either run errands, go to the aquarium, zoo, indoor play spaces, walk around target mindlessly, library, outdoor walking trails, dance class and more! The girls and I do so much better when we get out of the house for a while! If we stay home, we feel like we are trapped! Getting out of the house is refreshing and we love it!

What Changes are Coming to Us?

Ok, so school starts September 5th for Sis! I have to have her at school at 8am!!!!! What? They don’t even get up until 8! I KNOW! So this is my plan! I may still wake up at 6, maybe 5:30..just because waking up early is worth alone time! HA, I plan to wake up Sis at 6:45am, get her dressed and hair done. Then, wake up Jo at 7am, get her dressed. I hopefully have time for a super fast breakfast or breakfast as we run out the door! I am going to get them used to their new wake up time by starting two weeks ahead of time gradually wake them up earlier and earlier until we are at the school schedule! Cross your fingers for us!!

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