How to Declutter and Organize Your Bathroom: In Three Simple Steps

July 17, 2017

How to Declutter and Organize Your Bathroom

Oh sweet, sweet bathrooms! It is the place where unwanted horrible smelling body washes and lotions from sweet aunt Betty go to die. Stuffed in the back of your bathroom closet awaiting the day you finally purge the closet and it meets its final destination at the dump! This is why we declutter and put some organizational skills to the test!

About 5 months ago, my only full bathroom had a pipe burst under the slab. It flooded my daughter’s room and as a result we got a new bathroom. Sweet right? HAAAAAAA! Oh man! It’s been a nightmare! I had zero walking space in my bedroom because I had to pile bathroom crap in there to get everything out for demo! My somewhat saving grace was our half bathroom. To organize the small space, I bought an over the toilet storage rack to hold essentials! The idea of running back and forth to my bedroom for beauty products was annoying! You have to do what you have to do!

This whole bathroom remodel experience opened my eyes to what you really need in the bath and how much stuff you don’t need. I lived 5 months with basic bathroom stuff and a couple of luxury items; like face masks and creams! When the time came to put items back in the bathroom, I ended up throwing a ton of product away! It was thrilling really, until I noticed I had a half empty vanity and a closet filled with… towels!! That was slightly depressing but ultimately it was great! Freeing really! Less stuff, better organized! Folks the lesson is simple: to stay organized, things must have a home and clutter cannot exist!

Let’s get to it!

Step 1: De-Clutter! Grab a Trash Bag!

Time to purge! This is my favorite time! I LOVE IT! So start by grabbing a trash bag and start with drawers. Open drawers, toss everything that is old, expired or simply unused. Seriously, if you don’t use it and haven’t in 2 weeks, than you don’t need it! How many lotions do you have…8? That’s ridiculous! Toss all but 2-3! Do you have 4 tubes of mascara? You only need one, two max!

Use this method of thinking and move from drawer to drawer! Do you have a cabinet? Pull everything out, if you keep cleaning products under the sink, set them aside to put back neatly after you vacuum and wipe it out! Move onto the closet!! Purge, purge, purge, people! Check medicines, check for almost empty cough syrup, check expiration dates, etc. Old towels? Toss or cut them up to use them as rags! Really dig deep here people! If you don’t use it, you won’t, you toss it!

Step 2: Organize, Buy Storage!

Time to organize!! Here is where you can buy whatever storage containers you feel like! Below, you will find examples of storage containers or organizers I use, and what I use them for!

I love using utensil organizers! What do I use those for? Makeup, makeup brushes, fingernail clippers, tweezers, fingernail filers, hair brushes, combs! Seriously the list can go on and on! They fit great in vanity drawers and this one is adjustable!!!

Another super organizer!! I love using these drawer storage containers! I use these to sort medicine: cough medicine, allergy medicine, kids medicines, razors, nail polish and more! Do you have a label maker? Get label crazy here people! Everything has a home!

Stackable!!! Say what?! I know! I use these for lotions, face cream and serums, nail polish, pedicure stuff, hair products, mans shaving tools, etc!! Again, label, label, label!

Aw man! I love organizing!!!

Step 3: Clean up!

This one here is really the easy part! You kind of need to pick up your mess! After step 1 and step 2, believe me, there is a big mess! You should have cleaned drawers as you went, and wiped down shelves in the closet! Now, you clean your shower, hang a new curtain or don’t.. if your fancy like that! Scrub the toilet bowl, wipe the counter, and don’t forget your mirrors! Stand back and admire your super fresh and new organizing skills!

You can use these steps in every room of your home to declutter and reorganize. Organize your closet, by clicking the link below. I will walk you through the simple process of trashing or donating and organizing your closet.

Check out this article on organizing your closets! 


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