Best Workout at Home For Women: Get Fast Results With PIIT28

July 12, 2017

I have always been on the search for a workout program that I could do at home, that was effective and fun. I chase two babies around the house all day, so I needed a program that was fun and I could find motivation in. Zumba was not my style, insanity was ridiculous, and 21 Day Fix was good but I was simply not motivated by it. I am not a huge weight lifting fan either… don’t get me wrong, I lift weights to tone but not to build. My personal workout style is Pilates and yoga, I have even tried Barre and I really enjoyed that.

As a stay at home mom, I have struggled on occasion with finding the time to workout. I did not have the time to devote to yoga for an hour. What I wanted was fast results all while only working out for a short amount of time. I have heard the age old theory that when you are tired, you should workout because it gives you energy. Those people were crazy…But, in reality, they are right. When you are having a rough, long day with your kids or even a long day at work. You will gain energy and feel so much better when you do workout. Don’t have the time to devote to working out? No problem, I found the key to get leaner, tighter and all in just 28 minutes 40 seconds. Do you have a problem with eating healthy? I know I do!!! I start of the morning with creamers with a touch of coffee! HA, then I move on to a healthy breakfast, healthy lunch… then by 2-3pm, I am STARVING! This is the point in my day when I can reach for literally anything! I have always had a difficult time with healthy snack options and satisfying cravings! Have no fear! I found the solution for eating and dieting issues too!

Enter PIIT 28!

I was first introduced to Pop Pilates and the amazing Cassey Ho, when I was living in Las Vegas with my sister. From that moment on, I was hooked on this workout and find it the BEST workout at home for women. Continue reading to unleash the motivation and community that will come with this program.


The creator of PIIT28 is Cassey Ho, she started Blogilates several years ago and I have followed for about 6 years. Cassey started filming her workouts and sharing them on her blog, Blogilates. She began to take off as her motivation, her attitude and fun spirit spoke to many. She is the creator of the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube! The Blogilates community very quickly fell in love with Cassey and her workout program, soon after, the world fell in love with her. A couple years ago Cassey launched her program called PIIT28. Pilates Intensive Interval Training or PIIT 28, has become my go to workout program as this has made the strongest I have ever felt in my life. I feel good about the way I look and I can tell you over and over this program works.


What is PIIT28?

PIIT28 is a 28 minute 40 second program that will focus on the following phases. Pilates, is a workout form that strengthens and lengthens your muscles to give you a toned and sculpted look while also improving your body’s flexibility and improves your posture. Intensive training is cardio exercises that are integrated between Pilates moves. This will keep your heart rate up and fire up your metabolism. Interval training is the ultimate secret to obtaining quick fat loss. You will get stronger and last longer working out while performing interval training. Finally training 28 days for 28 minute 40 seconds per round. When your finished you start a new round. There are 3 PIIT programs, as a newbie you will start with 1.0 then 2.0 and finally 3.0. The key here is that the first will help you build your strength and core to be ready for 2.0 and then finally the 3.0. Cassey has developed this systems to make your core stronger. When you invest in all 3 programs you will have all you need to be the best you, you could be. You will gain a community, you will transform you body and mind and become the strongest you have ever felt. Can you commit to that?  Click here to claim your PIIT28 Power Pack!

What Will You Get With PIIT28?

There are two ways you can tackle PIIT28. The best and more effective method to the PIIT28 would be to do the Reset. The way you eat is responsible for 80% of the way you look and the way you feel. What the PIIT28 Reset will give you is the power and knowledge to fight off stubborn fat, bloat and acne, while also improving your energy. You will take 28 days to omit dairy, added sugars, gluten, processed grains and alcohol… Don’t worry, you wont starve. The 28 days will help your body flush out toxins and cleanse you from the inside and out. You will feel lighter and tighter. Now, to make it even more effective you add in the PIIT28 1.0. Why waste your time with any other workout program. The PIIT28 is the best program to have fun and yet overhaul your life. Join a community of other PIITster’s that have the same goals as you, change your life with the support of others. If you feel good about the way you are already eating then no worries, you don’t have to buy the Reset, it is encouraged but you will see great results without it too! Each pack will give you the information and support you need to be successful. We also have a great Facebook community where you can ask questions, post results and share anything PIIT related. Also, joining the Instagram challenge will get you an official PIIT tank! Why wait, join now.

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Reset your diet with PIIT28. This workout at home program will reset your diet and get you to eating healthy, all in just 28 days

Are You Ready to Be a PIITster?

Join me, join an amazing community. Change your life by following Cassey on a 28 day journey to a better you. Cassey believes that loving and being happy with  your body is what life is all about. She believes that the perfect you, is the one that YOU love. 28 minutes a day with 1 rest day per week, don’t make excuses. I am a mother of two babies 3 and 1 and graduate student, blogger and CEO of my household. I have time to do PIIT28 and I know that you can too. Lets do this together! Want to see results? So did I! Click the link below to be amazed. I would have included mine but my hubby wasn’t excited about that idea! Click the link and be BLOWN AWAY!

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