How to Stop Toddler Tantrums: One Easy Tip

June 22, 2017

Toddlers can be…. real pieces of work! They can try your patience, and suck the life right out of you. They can be hilarious one minute and loosing their minds the next.  a toddler will repeat everything a million times, their answer to EVERYTHING is always NO and they rarely listen. They are like little monkeys swinging from your curtains and bouncing around your walls! It is crazy! I’ve told my husband on many occasions, that I am not sure how I even survive the day. For a while there it was so hard, my oldest went from 2 years old to 3 and that’s when I realized terrible two’s are NOTHING compared to the 3’s.

You see, when they are 3, they have an opinion and they will let you know what that is! They can verbalize and express themselves so much better at 3. If you think you have it hard with a two you old… you have no idea, just wait until you have a threenager and then we will talk!

When The Resolution Finally Hit me!

I got to the point where I was at my wit’s end. I was yelling, sending her to time out… which did NOTHING!!! I tried talked calmly and quietly. I played the same song over and over and over again because it was better than hearing her scream or whine. Honestly it was rough!

I figured there must be another way to live with a 3 year old. To overcome tantrum’s; I tried putting my kid in time out, having her look at me as I explain how what she was doing was naughty. I have tried positive reinforcement and redirecting her, but you know what? NONE of that worked.

After a crazy long day, screaming and crying from kids and myself, I knew there was a way to fly through the 3’s successfully and happily! The resolution finally hit me during my nightly conversation with my hubby. We sit on the patio and talk about our day and simply enjoy each other’s company. I have found that to be a really great way to relax and let stress go. Anyways, here is it, here is how to put toddler tantrums to rest.

Your Toddlers Just Wants To Spend More Time With You!

Seriously! Calming toddler tantrums is as easy as spending more time with them. I know this isn’t the end all be all but it actually comes down to you as a parent. What kind of attitude do you have? How often are you playing on your phone? Or, cleaning, cooking and doing laundry?

The key concept here is that if you can give them 10 minutes when they ask you to cuddle or play, it will make a world of difference. When they ask you to build a tower and you say “not now”, that is a quick opportunity to drop what you are doing and build a tower, it takes 3 minutes and makes a world of difference to your child.

At 3, they can have a conversation with you. They can tell you all about their day and it is so great. Sometimes a toddler just wants to see that you are paying attention to them and that you want to play or just interact with them.

I have found the more attention I give my toddler the better she is! Change your attitude and priorities a bit; you will be amazed at how their personality shows and how much of a joy a 3 year old can be. They are so cute and hilarious. Give them more attention and you will be amazed at how this method can change your whole day!

New attitude, new focus, a new day! I challenge you to give your child more attention and be amazed at how their attitude changes!! It’s about to get fun! Check out these Cheap and Fun Summer Activities to try with your kids this summer.


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