How to Organize Your Closet in Under an Hour

June 18, 2017

It is Summer and that means it is time to clean house!! I would like to call myself an expert on being clutter free! I don’t have a basement, we live on a slab foundation. What does that mean? I have ZERO storage space outside of closets and a garage! Currently my garage is a horror house but that is only because we are remodeling our bathroom and it’s currently housing our toilet, vanity, counter, faucets, you get the picture! So really this means I need to be a master of organization! And that is okay. Let’s organize our lives together.

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I’m a Casual Organizational Freak!

Well, what is casual you may ask? Not everything in my house is labeled, not every shoe has its own box. It means I’m organized but I am no where near extreme. I like to call my method casual organized!

This post is just a glimpse into my method. We will start with cleaning out your closet! Gah! An Eminem song just popped into my head! Oh lord!

I will walk you through how to purge clothes, shoes, bags, belts, and whatever else you keep in your closet… in under an hour! Get your giant black bags ready to purge!

Here We Go


I mean everything! The only things that are going back in are the items you wear often, or on rare special occasions. Everything else, donate it!

2. Start With Your Shoes!

I am not saying that you should have X number of each style footwear. What kind of crazy bat would tell you, that you could only have 2 boots, 4 heals, 6 flats… no! I like shoes like the rest of you! What I would like you to do is get rid of everything you have not worn in 6 months. Typically if you haven’t worn it in that time, it’s typically because you don’t like them or maybe they are uncomfortable and do not fit well. Free up that space, bye bye shoes! The exception to this rule is snow boots, rain boots, etc. Also if they have seen their day, meaning they look like they have been loved hard, replace them!

Place them back in the closet in an orderly fashion. I like the hanging shoe racks, but I know many people who like the standing racks at the bottom of their closet. Key here is that everything has a place.

Fun Tip: Cut pool noodles to the size of your boots and place them inside. It keeps your boots from falling over and helps keep your closet orderly!

3. Clothes

Okay guys! Here we go again with the 6 month rule! If you haven’t wore it in 6 months… donate it! You don’t like it! Oh are you attached to the sweater your grandma bought you that you have never wore? Toss it! Who cares! Special occasion dresses, sure, keep them but honestly you really only need a LBD (Little Black Dress), perfect for every occasion!

Workout clothes! Do you have a lot? Well picture this, your old workout apparel has been sweated in over and over and over. Your washing machine CANNOT get all that sweat out! It’s time to let some go!

As you are going through clothes to determine whether or not you are keeping them. Sort the clothes into piles, such as t-shirts, tank tops, hangable item, pants, sweatshirts, sweatpants, yoga pants, etc. Fold all clothes you will put on a shelf neatly. Hang all clothes and place in the closet by color, put pants together, dresses all together, and blouses. This helps you find a certain article of clothing much faster in the future.

My favorite closet organizing essentials would be this shirt folder! I love it, keeps everything nice and organized:
These hanger accessories are also a lifesaver, because they allow me to hang multiple items on one hanger! Check it out:

4. Purses, Belts, Scarves, Etc.

Again, simple process. Ask yourself, when was the last time I used this purse or wore this scarf? If it is a rare occasion, then it is simply taking up space in your closet. Donate it. Simplify your wardrobe. All of these accessory pieces take up space. Do not just put these items back in your closet unless they have a designated home. An organizer like these would be a great addition to keep these accessories in a handy location and organized to easy to find.

Perfect for purses or hand bags:
Perfect for scarfs and belts:

Done! 1 Hour or Less!

Seriously! This can be done and it is easy to do! Every time you do this it should get faster and faster. I do this 2-3 timers per year. Typically after each season, I do a closet clean out! The key concept here is to LOVE it in 6 months or Toss is after 6 months of not wearing it. I do not form an emotional attachment to clothes. I have favorite items sure, but if I ruin it then I will find another. No big deal! It is easier when you look at clothes as simply “stuff”! Take this as a 1 hour challenge to free up space in your closet! Let me know in the comment below what you thought or what works great for you!

Don’t Forget To Donate!

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