Clean the Air in Your House With These 10 Hard to Kill House Plants

June 18, 2017

I love bringing the outdoors in, the pretty green leaves, the cute little flowers, the Works! I love it. House plants used to really intimidate me, I figured they needed so much care and attention that I imagined I would kill them fast! But, to my avail; I was wrong! Thank goodness I have a green thumb and the bonus here with these house plants that I’m going to list, is that they are hard to kill. Even more, they give you fresh air in your home! These plants work miracles in the air we breathe in our home.

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How do House Plants Clean the Air?

House plants clean pollutants and toxins in the air within our home by trapping those bad particles through their intake of carbon dioxide which is then turned into oxygen through photosynthesis! Fancy right, simply we know that plants and trees give oxygen, indoor plants do the same thing! They clean the air in our home!

Therefore load your house up with these 10 plants and you will feel so much better knowing your plants are working hard to purify the air you breathe in your own home!

Let’s Get to it!

1. Areca Palm

These tall palms need bright indirect sunlight in a south or west window. They do grow 6-10 inches per year until they reach their mature height of 6-7 feet. Care would include repotting every 2-3 years and water often!

These water bulbs are a great way to make sure your palm is getting what it needs!

2. Bamboo Palm

This gorgeous palm will be hardier than the Areca Palm and resemble bamboo. Bamboo Palm will reach a height of 5-7 feet and will grow well in indirect bright light or even low light conditions. Water when the top 1/3 of the soil is dry but be careful not to over water it. Some consider this plant poisonous to children and pets therefore please be advised.

3. Rhapis Palm

Also known as a “lady palm”, is an elegant yet durable palm that can adapt to many conditions. This is a slow grower and will work well on tables. This plant does not call for much water so wait for the top 50% of the soil to be dry before watering. Be regular not to over water. This palm will do well in bright indirect light but can adapt to low light environments as well. Great for home and provides beauty to any office.

4. Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant is a member of the fig family. This plant requires little care but will need 4-6 hours of direct sunlight. It may grow up to 4-6 feet with repotting every 2-3 years. Allow 2 generous watering a week but make sure the soil on top is dry first!

5. Dracaena

This plant is fairy simple to care for. These plants stem is called a cane. The cane can be trimmed at anytime to support the size. They can grow 5-6 feet and will need bright indirect sun. Water to moisten the soil but be careful to avoid soggy soil and overwatering!

6. English Ivy

Beautiful lush vines, English Ivy is a stunner that is easy to care for. This plant requires bright indirect sunlight with regular water watering. Make sure to not water too much and wear gloves when handling as it may cause skin irritation. English Ivy leaves are poisonous therefore keep away from pets and children. Trim the vines anytime of year to keep them the length you would like!

Trimming plants require proper tools, using plant sheets are the correct way to trim your plants because they are sharp and are dedicated to this purpose only. Keep these clean because it prevents disease spreading to your plants! I use these shears:

7. Pothos

My favorite indoor plant! It is so easy to care for and the long lush vines are so pretty! This plant is poisonous if ingested so keep away from pets and children! Pothos do not need a lot of water, in fact, it’s best to let the soil completely dry out between watering! This plant will thrive in bright indirect sun but also do well with low light! Pothos can be grown in water or soil!

8. Spider Plant

This is another very easy to grow indoor plant! For newbies or those without a green thumb, start here! These thrive in bright indirect light but also will do fine in low light. Distilling water before watering will help the leaves from turning brown, this is a common concern, this is a result from too much salt in your water.

9. Sanseviera

Also known as a snake plant or mother in laws tongue plant! I found that hilarious!! Either way, this is a tall yet durable plant. It requires bright indirect sunlight, even a north facing window will do fine. Let soil dry completely between watering but when you do water, water deeply.

10. Peace Lily

Another one of my favorites! These are very durable and easy to care for. These plants need medium indirect sunlight, therefore placing near west or north windows are best. The Peace Lily will let you know when it’s time to water, when the leaves start dropping, give it a drink of water! These are not poisonous but can cause discomfort if ingested by animals!

This concludes the top 10 plants to clean the air in your home!

Clean the air in your home, add some of these beautiful house plants to your home or office! Let me know in the comment below if you have uncovered more houseplants that clean the air or you simply love their beauty!

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