5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Clean

June 16, 2017

Recently, I had a day where my house was sparkly clean. I’m talking like toys were all picked up, dishes were done, floor were moped and I had zero laundry to do! Sweet, right!!? I know! I was thrilled, I sat down and was drinking my coffee soaking that pride all in. Then the tornado struck… not a real weather induced tornado no… the other kind. The kind where your children can DESTROY, all of your hard work in less than 7.5 minutes. Ha! That is the sweet stuff right there!

Sometimes the worst tornadoes come in the form of a toddler.

Your kids do not care how much hard work went into getting your house that clean or “put together”, as I like to say. More than I would like to admit, my house turns upside down and inside out! It’s crazy! I have gone to the extreme of taking pictures of my house in a clean state and sending that to my husband as proof that at some point the house was clean. He could care less, he understands but at least I feel better showing someone that it is clean at some point in a day! Those kids can really do a number on a house. You work hard to keep it presentable and they defeat you by taking their Legos and dumping them in the middle of a floor! What if I told you there is a way to get free help in the form of your children!!!

Say what? Put my kids to work?!

Yes!!!! There are tons of ways to get your kids to help you clean!!! Let’s start with my list!!!

1. Music

We turn it up in this house! I’m talking about a serious dance party! When the TV is off, kids are more likely to pay attention to you. We jam out to this Bose!

It’s loud and waterproof! More like rain proof don’t submerge it in water, that’s really not smart! But, play music and dance around cleaning house! Give them a rag to dust, have them hand you dishes from the dishwasher, hand them clothes to put in the dryer from the washer!

2. Get Kid Sized Cleaning Tools

I asked for brooms and mops for my kids from their grandparents last year and it was a seriously fantastic idea!! My daughter was always trying to mimic me vacuum and sweep so I figured why not get her something she could use that actually works! Check it out below! Super cute right?!

And I have the little kids vacuum that supposedly works but you could get the cheap dirt devils that are uber light weight so what they actually go over with gets vacuumed!!! Awesome right?? Ha! Point for parents!

3. Clean up books

Do your kids love books?! Mine sure do, so what better way to introduce them to cleaning up than a book!!

4.  Have them throw away trash!

As soon as my kids could walk, I taught them where the trashcan was and what to throw out.  I stopped tossing their diapers, I gave it to them to toss. Wrappers for gummies or snacks, I showed them where to put them when the snack was gone. The key here is starting them young. My 18 month throws away things immediately when she is finished eating it. It’s glorious! So, start young! Picking up after yourself is so important for keeping  clean house

5. Help Clear the Table and Load Dishwasher

This is not the cooks job folks!! Paper plates!!!!! That’s what I’m saying! When they are finished they can simply toss them their plate and put their utensil in the dishwasher! No dishwasher? No problem, get them a step stool and show them how to help!

 Closing remark

Teaching your child to clean at a young age will help them be a clean adult and will keep you from having a messy house. Get them kid cleaning tools, turn up the music and get down with cleaning!

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