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June 9, 2017

Weekly Meal Planning Kit Including Kids Menu Planning!!

Guy!!! So many of us struggle with meal planning. This process does not need to be difficult, using my meal planner, will make it a breeze and you will learn to love it! And, guess what? It gets easier week after week, eventually you can reuse the same weeks you already did! What is so hard about that?

What does meal planning give me?

Meal planning provides organization. Meal planning also provides the ability to manage a budget. Grocery shopping can be easy if you stick to your list. Creating a meal plan before shopping is the most organized way to stick to that list. If you are healthy eating or dieting, planning your meals gets your mind thinking about healthier options, if you buy only the items on your list then there is less hangry grocery shopping. It helps hold us accountable. I know we are all super busy, but meal planning allows you to allocate a certain time when you prepare you meal planner, get your groceries and then you already know what you are having for breakfast lunch and dinner. Meal planning saves time, money and helps organize your days and weeks.

How is our meal planner different?

I have worked on this planner for almost 2 years. I have tweaked in many times but I will sit here and tell you it is proven to make your life easier. Do you have kids? Most meal planners you can buy or download on the internet does not come with kid’s meal planner or planning breakfast and lunch. I never eat the same things as my kids for breakfast or lunch. Why are these other planners forgetting about them? I wanted this meal planner to be super comprehensive, it will allow you to plan and grocery shop for EVERYTHING and not just dinner.

How do I get it?

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