10 Plants That Attract Butterflies

May 18, 2017

My husband and I love having wildlife outside our daughters windows. We imagine them gazing out the windows looking at the birds eating from their feeders, taking a little bird bath, watching the butterflies land on the peonies and of course the starving squirrels that feel the need to climb up the bushes and bird feeders to eat all the food! These are awesome little buggers! But, either way, it is wildlife and I love being able to give the girl’s nature outside their window. As we all know, nature is a beautiful thing and should surround us all the time!

 Bringing Up Country, Means I Need To Bring the Country to My Girls!

Sometimes when you live in the city, there is so much going on around you that it is way to easy not to notice your natural surroundings. Thankfully, Michigan is a state where there are plenty of species of butterflies; so, creating a butterfly garden would be a beautiful addition to any yard. Butterfly gardens would consist a nice mixture of bushes, perennials and annuals. These plants must be pollinators and nectar producing plants. Both of which are essential for the survivals of animals like butterflies, bees and even hummingbirds.

A butterfly garden will attract each of these, and remember to SAVE, the bees! In addition to the plants, butterflies, bees and hummingbirds need a shelter and source of water. I love the use of bushes as a natural shelter for each to use, any will suffice. A water source could easily be a puddle but I love the look of a bird bath. One like this one here would be perfect!!

To finish you butterfly garden, you will need some plants. These plants are easy to grow and are quiet beautiful.

10 Plants That Attract Butterflies

1. Black- Eyed Susan’s

Sunshine will fill your garden with these golden perennials!

2. Chrysanthemum

A stunning addition to the garden for beautiful fall flowers!

3. Dahlia

Bright summer color that thrives in full sun.

4. Purple Coneflower

Easy to grow and delivers gorgeous purple flowers that attract many birds and butterflies.

5. Petunia

Even someone without a green thumb can grow these long bloomers.

6. Pansy

Spring bloomers that do not mind the cold weather!

7. Sunflower

Bodacious sized plants with big and floppy yellow flowers, great for adding height to any garden.

8. Milkweed

Best host for Caterpillars and offer beautiful fragrant balls of flowers..

9. Marigold

Cheerful and easy to grow flowers.

10. Lavender

This plant is naturally fused with aromatic oils and elegant purple flowers.

Find Your Green Thumb and Plant Your Butterfly Garden

Watch as the butterflies, bees and hummingbirds thank you for it and watch your children admire nature that surrounds them! For an added bonus, head over to read 7 Plants That Repel Mosquitos, as a great guide to plants that will help keep you bite free this summer!

Happy Planting!

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