Cheap and Fun Things To Do This Summer!

May 17, 2017

I know what you may be thinking right now; how dare you be bored with your kids, right? That is not it, my kids are not boring.

Being in my house all day is boring!

I cannot stand to be at my house all day and not leave at some point throughout the day! It drives me crazy, it gets so boring. I know so many people who are more than content staying at home, playing with their kids all day long and never leaving. That sounds horrible to me. My kids even begin to get crazy, we HAVE to do something everyday or else we all will go nuts!

Leaving the house can really get expensive

Oh  you’re so right. Imagine being so bored that you are just wandering around target mindlessly looking at everything, the next thing you know you have spent $50-$100 bucks and on what? Probably nothing you actually needed… but you definitely tell yourself it was needed to prove buying it! Over time, this really adds up. I mean think about it this way, $50 x 5 days per week, that is $250 multiply that by 52 weeks and you get… $13,000 GAH!!! Holy cow, I just shocked myself! That was the first time I actually calculated that out and guess what? You can easily spend more than that! That is so terrifying… don’t tell my husband! 😉

What can we do, that doesn’t break the bank?

1. Head to the library!

Most libraries offer programs for kids that are typically free. We do a music and reading program, that meets one day per week and an instructor sings with your kids, engages them in social activities and reads books! This is a great way to keep your children in a social environment and it is fun! In the meantime, you can take part if it is allowed. If parents are not able to join, then this is a great opportunity for quality one on one time with another child or a great time to pick out a new book!

2. Check Out Programs Offered Through Your Community!

Many communities offer programs for people of all ages. To find what programs your community has to offer, head online to their site or look their the newsletter that they send you in the mail every so often. If you don’t get a newsletter then give your community offices a call. We love this! There are nature centers that offer cheap or free programs. There is a plethora of things to do for kids, so if you are on summer break check this out for summer camps too!

3. Indoor Play Structure!

There are several indoor play structures around me. Essentially it is an indoor park with barriers and protectors, so it is pretty darn difficult for your child to get hurt! Bonus! These companies usually offer a café, party space rentals, and even monthly passes to make it more affordable. The one by me is $50 for a month. it is $8 per kid each time you go. I have 2 kids, so that is $16 every time. The monthly pass would pay for itself in 3 visits! Pretty sweet if you think about it this way! Check to see if your local area has on of these!

4. Michael’s Craft Store!

If you have one near you, this is another great place to check out! There is a craft room that hosts craft projects for kids and even some for adults. If you want to frost your kid’s birthday cake like a pro, then check out this place! Anyways sessions start around $5 and they will walk your child through a craft project. Cheap and your kids will love it.

5. Zoo

This many be one where you are like, what, that can get pricy. But it doesn’t have to be. The Detroit zoo sells their tickets for $14 plus $6 for parking. I get the family annual membership for around $80. My kids are young, so there is no fee until they are 2 years old and then a pass for a day cost even more. We go to the zoo several times a month so it really pays for itself in a 4 visits or so. Again it may seem expensive but in the long haul the first cost is really worth it!

6. Gym Membership

I know this one may sound crazy too! but, a lot of gyms have open swim, kid care, and many offer summer, spring break and winter camps for your kids to take part in. The membership can help you get time to yourself to workout or sit in the sauna for 2 hours, ya know, no judging here. This may be your most expensive option but it will also give a ton of options

7. Play at a Park and Bring a Picnic

Pack a lunch and head to the playground! This is easy and simple, my kids love running around and then calming down with a really easy and delicious lunch! By the way, this one is free! Well, not counting groceries.

8. Aquarium

We are lucky enough to have an aquarium near by. This is usually our go to on rainy days. But again, I pay for the annual membership which is $70. If I pay by visit its $23.50 per adult and an extra charge when your kids reach the age of 3! But, after 3 visits it is paid for and we visit a lot more than 3 times per year!

9. Church Programs

Many church’s offer programs or little gatherings for children and for parents to mingle or conduct a bible study while the children are taught through bible school or a play group. Look to see if your church offers anything like this.

10. Mom and Me Meetup’s!

Hop on this site and check out if there are any mom and me meetup groups on your local area that you would want to join. These are typically groups of moms who get together with their children and either do some sort of activity or simply playing at the park to socialize. This is great for moms and kids! If you don’t have a local meet up group, consider starting one, I imagine there are other parents that would love to have something like this too!

11. Backyard Summer Fun!

Set up your backyard to be the best place in the world for your kids to play. If you have a swing set… perfect, if not that is ok too. We bought a pool for the kids to play in, we have sand tables and water tables. We play t-ball and work in our vegetable garden! Buy a sprinkler, or a water activity pool like this one,

These are so much fun for the kids to play on!  Another great things to prevent everyone from over heating would be a mist hose. I get over heated really fast so this really saves the day for me! They area cheap and children love these too!

Get Creative and Search Out Activities!

Fun summer activities are all around you, keep your eyes open for fun things to do! Most importantly no matter what you are doing, keep a fun attitude and make the activity fun!




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