7 Plants That Repel Mosquitos

April 4, 2017

Mosquitos are already out and about and it is only April folks! These little blood suckers are already out with a vengeance I’m telling you!

Last year was horrible for mosquitos. My husband and I would be outside on the patio every night just hanging out and talking and I would be getting eaten alive by the mosquitos! It seriously made me uncomfortable and at one point I have counted upwards of 30 bites at one time! I mean that is ridiculous right? There is no standing water or woods by my house either! Michigan mosquitos are horrible!

Last year, I got by with the Deep Woods mosquito repellant from the stores and a ThermaCELL, when I would remember refills at the store! So, for Christmas this year I asked my in-laws for a lantern Thermocell and they got me one! but, it still comes down to remembering to shut it off and remembering to buy refills! For those of you that don’t know, a ThermaCELL is a magic insect repellant device that was designed by geniuses to rid an area of blood sucking little bugs! For real, it’s essentially that but here is the more official description; ThermaCELL uses a synthetic copy of allethrin, this is a repellent found in  chrysanthemum flowers. The allethrin is heated by a butane cartridge and works for a 15 x 15 foot zone! It even works on flies! I know, that is the real deal! I love those devices. Click one of the links to check out more detailed information about them!

Moving on!

Lets talk about the next best thing! Mosquitos do not like some plants, so why not use the benefit of those plants on your deck or patio. I plan to arm my patio with plants that will repel those mosquitos and allow me to live a fabulous bite free life! So the plants that I will be planting are:

Plants That Repel Mosquitos:

1. Marigolds 

So pretty and colorful! I love these, and what a great way to add some color to a container on your patio! Bonus tip: Plant these throughout your vegetable garden for a squash bug and tomato worm deterrent!

2. Lavender

Lavender is one of my all time favorite essential oils! Its soothes and calms, as a mom that is fabulous! But the plant itself is gorgeous and fills your nose with its fragrance! YESSS! Add some lavender to your patio. Bonus Tip: Dry it out and hang it in your home!

3. Lemon Grass

This plant will come back year after year. It has long thin leaves and mosquitos can’t stand the lemon scent! Bonus tip: comes back every year and can be used in cooking!

4. Rosemary

Another herb! So many benefits right here to planting this! Put it in a pot and keep it close by. Rosemary repels more than mosquitos, also, it repels flies and moths. Bonus Tip: AGAIN, use it in your cooking!

5. Basil

Another container plant! Basil grows fast and you can keep it right on your patio table! Bonus Tip: cook with it, try out a basil pesto!

6. Catnip

Give your outdoor cats or neighborhood cat a nice treat! Cats may love it but mosquitos hate it! Bonus Tip: Catnip should be grown in a container because it will spread! Keep it contained and close by!

7. Peppermint 


Peppermint is seriously my favorite herb to grow! I love rubbing it between my fingers and taking in the smell of mint harvest from my home town! During harvest season the air is perfumed with it! It is amazing! It has the natural ability to repel mosquitos AND spiders! Bonus tip: Did someone say Mojito? Oh my, fresh is best!

There you have it!

These plants are easy to grow, smell amazing and some have very pretty foliage and flowers! Be ahead of the mosquitos this year! Plant these mosquito repellents around your gardens, patio and decks to give you  a bite free spring, summer and fall!



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