5 Easy Tips to Get Rid of Stuff!

April 1, 2017

Clutter, clutter, clutter! Ugh, I have seen this as a plague for so many people! Does having “stuff” make you happy? Does it make you feel safe? Or, do you feel like you are drowning in clutter? Now I am not a therapist but I can share some easy tips to help you let things go and clean out your house!

Why De-clutter?

There are so many people I know that have attachments to things but they don’t know why. These people find it challenging to get rid of things, either by tossing it out or donating it. As someone who suffers from OCD, I can tell you that one of my ticks is clutter. Clutter makes me panic. I don’t consider this really a bad trait of my OCD. We do not have a basement and live on a slab so we literally have no storage and zero ability to have clutter! So I know how important it is to go through your home and essentially clean it out. Getting rid of stuff is allowing you to breathe new air into your home and organize. Having an organized house is was keeps me sane as a mother. Less “stuff” allows you to even clean your house in a breeze so really why not get started on a house clean out! My parents cleaned out their house and basement awhile back, held a garage sale and made money off the things they no longer wanted! Score right? Make that money, give to others and free up space in your house! Lets get those tips!

5 Tips!

1. 6 Month Rule

This tip starts in the closet! My own personal rule for cleaning out my closet is to look at the closet and ask myself when the last time I wore something. If it has been longer than 6 months than that item needs to be donated! If I am looking at a little black dress or something of the like than I will most likely keep it. But, if you haven’t worn something in over 6 months, than its more than likely because you’re not a huge fan of the item. Look at everything in your closets, including shoes! If you haven’t worn it in 6 months… get rid of it!

Take this opportunity to encourage your spouse to do the same. My husband has t-shirts older than I am, that seriously feel like silk… those I am forbidden to wash or toss! Crazy right, but men seriously there is no need for you to have 50 t-shirts! Go through those and get rid of some! Try this with your hats too, I swear we swim in hats! My husband has a tendency to really hold onto things and it drives me up the wall. I let him get away with this, because I have the rest of my house orderly but I swear when a man has 2 closets and a dresser and you just have a small closet…we need to fix that issue, am I right? I am fine with it though, why? because I don’t keep things that I don’t wear!

2. Kitchen Overhaul

Go through every single cabinet and drawer! Do you have small appliances that your saving for a specific food? But, you only cook that food once or twice a year? Yea, toss that! Do you have 20 miscellaneous coffee cups? You do not need that many coffee cups! Do you have several utensils of the same thing but only use 1? get rid of the rest! The point of the kitchen overhaul is to go through your kitchen and toss or donate all items that you rarely use or have too many of!

3. Books

I have seen so many people keep their books! I have never really understood this! You read it, you probably wont read it for several more years if not ever again so why are you keeping it? If you have favorites, than by all means, keep those. I have leather books and those are the only books I have. My husband has a handful of books that have been meaningful in his life and we have those nicely displayed on a book shelf! So take the opportunity to put your books in a box or bag and drag them to your nearest library to donate or a donation center!

4. Toys

This is a mom blog of course, but you can take this tip and apply it to misc. trinkets in your house! So, toys! You do not need to keep rattles if your children are a year old! Are you getting me? Go through your toy bin, if you haven’t seen your child play with something in a long time than there is no need for it to be taking up space in your toy box! Has it been chewed on? broken? old? Than get rid of it! I will probably assume your child will not even know that its missing. but, guess what you just did? You reclaimed more space in your house! Your kids do not play with the amount of toys you think they do. We go through the toys together and even though my kids are almost 3 and 1, they don’t understand but I am trying to teach them how donating their old toys can bring joy to another child that doesn’t have as much as mine do! We go through our toys before Christmas and then every couple of months, especially around birthdays!

5. Bathroom

This one is great because we tend to buy products, use them for a little while and not even consider that product again for a year. My bathroom is being torn out due to a busted pipe under our slab! Huge mess but I had to empty out our bathroom and I just have essentials now in our half bathroom and have seriously been amazed on the amount of stuff we actually do not use!

I would suggest going through your bathroom with a trash bag in hand and look at product expiration dates, consider how long it have been since you have used a product! Take this time to really go through all of your drawers and closets, get rid of the old and unused! You will be amazed on how much space this clears up!

Now, This is a Forever Book!

For real guys! This book can change lives. Several members of my family has this book and they swear by the methods in this books to de-clutter your life! So if throwing out or donating “stuff” does not come easy to you like it does me, check this book out as sit can inspire you and guide you to a clutter free home!

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