5 Simple Tips to Keep a Clean House

August 2, 2016

clean house5 Simple Tips to Keep a Clean House

Do you find keeping your home clean to be a challenge? Do you have kids that make keeping a clean home difficult? These 5 tips are ones that I use everyday to keep my house in decent shape!

I say decent because I have two kiddos at home that create a huge mess within 5 minutes of picking up! These tips allow me to wake up every morning to a clean house! There is simply nothing better for me than sipping my coffee and watching the Today Show with my house clean!

I am not the first to admit that my house can look like a tornado went through it, or I sometimes leave dishes in my sink over night and that I forget laundry in the wash machine. We are busy people, I get it, but having a clean home does not have to be hard!

Try these tips and let me know if they could work for you!


  1. Do one load of laundry every day. We have plenty of items to wash in this house to do one load every day. If you don’t have that much laundry then do a sweep of the house and make sure all dirty items are in a hamper or basket.
  2. Wash dishes as you cook and always have an empty sink! This is a simple task that makes clean up after meals a breeze. Any items I used to prep dinner, I put in the dishwasher or hand wash while I am waiting for the food to finish cooking. I never go to bed with dishes in the sink! Clean up as soon as you are finished with cooking and eating!
  3. Keep bathroom vanity clear. Another simple tip, pickup after yourself! Put away your blow dryer, put away all makeup and brushes. Keep it clean! Having a clean vanity will make the rest of your bathroom look spotless!
  4. Vacuum Everyday! I vacuum everyday because I have a dog and kids that play on the floor!  Plus I like seeing the vacuum lines on the floor! but if you don’t have animals or kids then vacuum several times a week at least!
  5. Use baskets to collect misc. items lying around! We use baskets for lots of things in this house. Everything looks better if it’s in a basket! Our toys in the living room are housed in a large basket! I carry a small basket around the living areas and collect all miscellaneous items that do not belong and then put them away. This is an easy collect all scenario to make clean up happen fast!

Try these out in your own home and let me know if they work for you! If you have any more tips or tasks you do everyday to keep a clean house then let me know too as I am always looking for ways to make cleaning easier!


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