Toddler Canvas Painting

July 24, 2016


As I write this, it is a rainy, hot and humid day. I am watching my niece who is almost 3 and keeping toddlers cooped up in the house can be somewhat challenging! I thought a toddler canvas painting activity could be a lot of fun for them!

Watching my daughter and niece play together, is a really heartwarming sight. They have the ability to play with the same things and let their imaginations run wild together! It is a high energy environment so when we do not have the ability to go outside, I needed something fun and fast!


When Michaels, a national craft and supplies store, has sales on painters canvas, I always buy a lot. I even buy on Amazon due to the fast shipping with Prime and the great deals you get when you buy in bulk! You can find a variety pack on amazon here: US Art Supply Multi-pack 6-Ea of 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10 inch Professional Quality Small Artist Canvas Panel Assortment Pack (24 Total Panels) There are so many fun activities to do using these canvas’ so I keep a stock of many different sizes. Allowing your child to showcase their personalities through paint can make a great gift for many people in the family or a wonderful piece of art to put on your wall!

I like to use Scotch tape or painters tape on the canvas to show an image left after my toddler is finished painting. Which you will see us do below! For today’s activity, I put the girls initials on the canvas and let them go to town!

Toddler Canvas Painting

Gather Supplies

Tape Out Your Pattern

Get creative here guys, I have done a heart, I LUV U, initials and an abstract design. For this project, we did a simple first name initial!

Keep in mind that after your child paints the canvas, you are going to pull the tape off so the plain canvas will be left. You could paint the canvas in a solid color first, let it dry completely and then tape so when you pull the tape off after your child paints you have a fun color under the paint! Super fun and very cool!

Apply the Paint

Let your child pick the colors they would like or pick it yourself! Then, just dump it on the canvas, hand your babe a paint brush and let them get creative! It will be messy and that is totally fine! Its fun, get in there with them and make it a really exciting activity. Good news, this is washable paint, so everything can be cleaned up! I set the kiddies on the kitchen floor because it is tile and that can be fully cleaned! If you do not have tile floor then put a plastic sheet down on the floor or on the table!



After your child unleashing their creativity on the canvas then it is time to clean up and take the tape off! Be careful here and pull up the tape slowly! Once the finished product has shown itself, then set it in a place where it can dry!

All Done!

Fun activities can be your life saver when it is a rainy day! Keep activities fun, safe, and simple! Unleash your child’s creativity and watch their spirit shine!



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