Summer Living Room Décor

July 13, 2016

I love my living room and I love decorating it for seasons, my summer living room décor is rustic and simple. Please note: I said seasons not holidays 🙂 I’ve seen some tacky holiday décor in my life. I prefer to decorate for the 4 seasons in Michigan! Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!!!

I am bringing you into my home to see how I decorated my mantle and side coves!


Above is a panoramic view of my fireplace and surround! I choose to go with this dark blue paint because I felt that it would help the frame of the TV blend into the wall. I also happen to have this color in my bedroom, its my favorite!


Right Side

I like to decorate in a very simple way. Notice the shelf is not cluttered and there is a mix of texture and heights. The wooden goose I scored off of Zulily several months ago and the violin is from my childhood! I love to display it because the wood grain is so rich that it is simply beautiful! The old map is of France. You will see I have another map on the left side of the fireplace. We used maps because we thought it would be a unique way to showcase our backgrounds! My maiden name is Truax, which is French so this side of the fireplace is “mine”



Right Side Bottom Close Up!

When we bought the house, there was horrible inserts in those cabinet doors. So we headed to Home Depot and bought tin! When the lights are on in the cabinet at night, it lights up what is behind it which is beautiful! I firmly believe in keeping my babies toys in baskets! I love baskets, they are a nice warm touch to a room and make toys look a ton better when they are placed in it!



Left Side

This is my husbands side! Again we have the mix of heights and different textures! The stag is an old item that came from a family friend but it is bronze and heavy as hell! The map on this side is of Ireland, yes…my husband is very Irish! But these maps are beautiful and unique, you can find these maps and many more on Etsy through AncientShades!




I had this idea to purchase a big flag that was antiqued and plaster it on the wall! Basically to showcase how proud we are to live in the United States! I purchased the flag from Amazon, which can be found here. We sandwiched the flag between two 1×2’s to give it a floating look! I love it!




Aw how I love my fireplace! Its big and gorgeous, but the one thing I love more is my mantle. I grew up on a farm in rural Michigan, right next door to my Grandparents. On their property was an old barn that eventually needed to be torn down due to structural issues. Well, mom and dad took the wood and make me a custom mantel! It holds a very special meaning to me and it just finishes this wall so perfectly! Again on the mantel, you will notice how the TV blends in with the wall so it doesn’t stand out. I also have a mixture of textures, such as the gold S and white pitcher!IMG_3381




I love this room, it is the best expression of myself! Every season I will change it and create a new post to show you how I decorate, the flowers will be removed with warmer fall elements! Stay tuned for updates and I hope that my décor inspires you to create a beautiful room in your home!

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