How to Keep a Messy Clean Home

December 4, 2017

Messy Clean!

Right? You’re like WTH is that! It is exactly what it says my home is messy, yet clean! What does that mean? Well, let me explain! My kids DESTROY my house! I mean I go to bed in my living room and kitchen spotless. 1 hour into the next day, I have a breakfast mess and toys scattered across my floor. You know when you put laundry away and then your kids waddle up to the drawer, sits down and start throwing stuff out of that drawer with both hands? Yes, this! It’s messy!

My house looks like a tornado went through it full force, but the glory of my house is that it is clean. There is no dust, I vacuum once per day, my windows are free of fingerprints, my backboards are dusted, vents are cleaned, walls are washed, etc. My house is clean, at least it is deep cleaned on a regular basis! So what does this really mean for you? If you can deep clean one room of your house every couple of days, then all you have to do to make it spotless is to pick up the toys scattered on the floor, do the dishes and wipe off counters and BOOM BABY! You are done!

Use my weekly cleaning checklist which you can find here!

Frame this checklist, check tasks off with a whiteboard marker! This keeps you organized, many times people are the most successful when they follow a list and gain gratification when they cross an item off! This cleaning checklist allows you to stay on top of your deep cleaning. It also keeps your house in a position that can easily be turned spotless in less than an hour! Yes! Seriously less than an hour!

You don’t have to stress over keeping a tidy house! A tidy house is actually pretty darn hard to keep when you have little ones running all over the place leaving a path of destruction. Just focus on a room at a time, one room per day! this task does not take long, my weekly cleaning checklist was not designed to have you waste hours of cleaning! I keep several tools and cleaning products that I find are the only things in the world to keep a clean house!

*This post contains affiliate links, this means I may earn a commission if you click the link! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t send you to anything that I don’t personally use and love!

Find them here!

  1. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum! The best vacuum I have found and I have a Dyson (let my parents have it… I know I am a great daughter) and, I have had 3 Shark vacuums in 3 years. This is by far my favorite, the attachments allow me to dust fans, blinds, vents and so much more! Honestly does so much that is makes deep cleaning a breeze.
  2. Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products! Why? Because they smell delightful! Like seriously, the Iowa Pine is my favorite, it’s like Christmas smacking you right in the face! Not only are these cleaning products safe to use around pets and children but it actually works really well even on glass!
  3. Libman Freedom Spray Mop! Honestly, I don’t see the needs for ringing out mops and keeping a bucket… it’s tedious and annoying! This mop is perfect for cleaning up everyday messes and giving the floor a quick cleaning. I do use a steamer mop for weekly deep cleaning but this little baby is a must-have in my house!

Boom! For real, that is all I need to keep a clean house! deep clean one room in your house per day. Don’t spend tons of time on it, it does not need to be perfect! Let your messes go! Kids will be kids, messes are messes! Try to pick up every night so you start the day with a super clean house! If you have a guest coming over on short notice, do a quick pick up and your house will be spotless! Because, again, you already deep cleaned your abode!

Happy messes and happy cleaning!




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